Greenhouse Wellness and Physical Therapy

Providing access to the outdoors through physical therapy interventions, holistic wellness, and support groups.

There are many ways to incorporate the natural elements of the great outdoors into a personalized treatment plan for physical therapy.

Here are a few examples that can enhance your overall healing process and boost recovery:

  1. Hiking: Going for a hike can help build strength, improve balance and coordination, and increase cardiovascular fitness. We tailor hikes to the individual’s abilities and goals; whether that be a moderate walk on a flat trail or a more challenging hike with steep inclines.
  2. Yoga: Practicing yoga in a natural outdoor setting can help increase flexibility and reduce stress. We have plans to hold yoga sessions on the farm under the covered awning of our office structure.
  3. Tai Chi: Doing Tai Chi out in nature can help improve balance, coordination, and reduce stress.
  4. Water Therapy: This is a great option for people with injuries or limitations that make it hard to do land-based activities. Exercising in water provides resistance to movements and can improve strength, balance, and flexibility.
  5. Nature walks: Walking through nature can have many therapeutic benefits, such as reducing stress, and can be done at any fitness level.
  6. Nordic walking: Nordic walking is a form of exercise that involves walking with poles, it can be done on any type of terrain and can help build overall fitness and improve balance.

We evaluate the patient’s condition and abilities before determining which activities are best for them. After the initial evaluation, we’ll create a treatment plan that will be flexible and adaptable to the patient’s progress, feedback and preferences.

Our unique approach to physical therapy will not only aid in your physical healing but also improve your overall well-being. Book your appointment today and discover the rejuvenating power of nature and outdoor activity in Elkton, Maryland.